Lib Dems support local post offices


Early in July the government is going to be announcing those post offices which it proposes to close. This will be a sad day for many villages because without their post offices residents may have to travel several miles to the next nearest. And with rural transport being generally poor this is tough for those without cars.  

Lib Dems are in favour of retaining a comprehensive network of post offices and in addition to its national strategy the Cambridgeshire County group is proposing a fund to support post offices under threat. It would make such funds available as long as there is local support, a local business person to take on the opportunity and plan which reflects a sustainable business.

Neither Labour nor the Tories has a good record of defending post offices. The Tories closed over 1000 when they were in power and Labour has already closed almost 3000! The Lib Dems see them as a vital part of local networks and would explore imaginative options to keep them open.

Click here to register your support for saving Cambridgeshire’s post offices today!

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