Oakington residents call for airport road action


Residents of Oakington, and not just those that live on Longstanton Road, have asked for action to stop the illegal use of the road across the old airport. It is increasingly being used as an A14 rat run and what was only a trickle of users a couple of years ago is now a flood.

Residents have asked County Councillor David Jenkins to initiate a ‘Councillor Call for Action’ which would oblige the County Council to take action or, if this does not happen, to take the issue to the relevant scrutiny committee. Cllr Jenkins said ‘I have advised the Cabinet Member and Officer responsible and asked that it be considered for inclusion on the scrutiny work program at the next meeting. Maybe we’ll get the situation resolved before then which will be good news’.

The Council has already agreed to block off the road but is pleading a shortage of funds as a reason for not doing so. And the Police turn a blind eye to flagrant breaches of the law.

This road was not designed for heavy commuter traffic and is much used by cyclists, horse riders and walkers. And with the recent emphasis on walking to school it’s not right that we should be allowing such use.

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