Good news on HCVs for Impington residents


Following considerable local activity including press coverage, a question at the County Council meeting and support from local County Councillor David Jenkins it now seems possible that an overnight HCV ban will be implemented in Histon and Impington.

This action is in response to HCV drivers using the generous parking space available at the A14 end of Cambridge Road  to park overnight. This is not acceptable in a residential area.

Local residents have made it clear that they have every sympathy with the truck drivers who are obliged to park overnight because of limits on their driving times. However the government has prevented access to lay byes and other areas where they could park and this has driven to them looking in residential areas.

Following Cllr Jenkins’ pressure on Cambridgeshire County Council it has agreed to support an overnight HCV ban and this is to be presented at the South Cambs AJC Monday 7 Jul 08 for ratification.

Cllr Jenkins said: ‘this is good news but really we need an initiative perhaps nationally but at least regionally to provide facilities for the HCVs. We need a forum of government, HCV operators and those companies which use HCVs either to make or receive deliveries to meet and develop a scheme which delivers a solution to the drivers’ overnight parking needs.

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