Cottenham needs a lower speed limit


The speed limit within Cottenham is presently 30 mph with little by the way of speed reduction measures. There’s nothing on roads into the village from Histon, Rampton or Landbeach and there are very few interactive signs.

The main street of Cottenham is both a major throughfare and a residential street and its difficult to reconcile the needs of the two. However do it we must and it was recommended last year that a 20mph speed limit be implemented throughout the village. County Councillor David Jenkins supports this recommendation.

Cllr Jenkins said: ‘this would be a very popular measure within the village. It would be straight forward to implement although it would need action on several fronts at the same time.’

The Department for Transport publication DfT Circular 01/2006 section 5.1, 20 mph speed limits and zones, describes how such a 20mph zone could be implemented covering the entire village.

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