Impington Parish Council submits response to Post Office consultation


Following the announcement by the Post Office that it intends to close Impington Post Office and is allowing a period of ‘consultation’ Impington Parish Council, fully supported by local Lib Dem councillors David Jenkins (county) and Jonathon Chatfield (district), has confirmed local support , both from local people and businesses. It has prepared a response to the consultation and submitted it today.

The Parish Council’s reponse articulates 4 reasons why the Post Office should not be closed. These are:

  1. there is inadequate alternative provision;
  2. there is inadequate alternative accessibility;
  3. use by local businesses has not been apprieciated; and
  4. there has been insufficient thought about the future.

The full text of the Parish Council’s reponse is available from the clerk.

Support for the Post Office is considerable. Over 1000 people have registered their support. Over 200 of these work for local businesses and 36 businesses have signed specific letters of support.

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