Lib Dems call on councils to minimise council tax increases


In an open letter to all County and District Council Leaders in Cambridgeshire, Liberal Democrat Leader on the County Council, David Jenkins has called upon all councils and all parties to make a special effort to minimise any increase in Council Tax for next year.
“As councils start to look at their budgets for next year, I’m asking you as the leader of a council in our county to look seriously at any increase in expenditure. Residents appreciate the problems caused by inflation – after all, they are suffering from them too. With food inflation running at 9% and fuel prices rising exponentially, this is not the time for increases in costs, but for a root and branch examination of all expenditure and management costs to see how councils across Cambridgeshire can best help hard-pressed pensioners and families.
“Equally, though, where capital reserves exist and building plans could be brought forward, I feel sure that the local employment this generates would be welcomed in the light of recent redundancies in the building trade announced across the county.
“And finally the County Council should look seriously at itself. Following the disastrous reorganisation of 4 years ago it is probable that we do not have an organisation that is fully effective: there is duplication of activity, there are inefficient processes and there is a top heavy organisation.
“I feel there is an opportunity for every council to lead by example and to show the people of Cambridgeshire that we are aware of the difficulties they are facing and that we are responding to them.”
yours sincerely,
David Jenkins
Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Cambridgeshire County Council

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