Positive progress at the co-op corner


The co-op corner is a notorious traffic black spot in Cottenham. If it’s not illegal parking it’s the co-op’s delivery vehicles blocking the road and if it’s not that it’s drivers taking the corner too fast. Recently a local resident got so fed up with the co-op vehicles that he wrote to the co-op’s management and contacted local County Councillor David Jenkins. And we have lift off!

First of all the County Council agreed that this was an issue which it could address and agreed a site visit to meet the resident, the co-op and local councillors. And then the co-op contacted the resident and agreed to meet having already acknowledged the complaint and made initial proposals to address it! Well done the co-op.

David Jenkins said: ‘this is just one of the stretches of the B1049 which we need to sort out and it’s excellent to get such a positive response. The parish council’s traffic working group also has ideas and I will ensure that all 3 parties: the co-op, the County Council and the Parish Council talk together to maximise our chance of getting a solution that really meets the needs of local residents’.

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