No development control in Bandung


I know it’s not really a Cambridgeshire story but I am away for a couple of weeks and unable to update my web-site with local stories so I thought I’d share this one with you.¬† I’m staying in Bandung, Indonesia which is perhaps this country’s equivalent of Cambridge in that it’s home to ITB, the Bandung Institute of Technology, which has a world-side reputation.

The picture is a view from our hotel out across Bandung. There’s an immediate stretch of semi-rural with developments dotted along the hillside similar to those you’d expect in Switzerland with some rice padi in the valley. What you can’t see in the photo is a 20 story block of flats at left of centre: completely out of place and an eye-sore. I’m told that the block has been underdevelopment for some years, it presumably got permission to build through some relationships which perhaps are now no longer in place. Hence the delayed completion, perhaps it’ll never be completed. It sort of makes you grateful for the exhaustive and exhausting way in which we put developments publicly through development control in the UK.

I’ll take a photo tomorrow and post that so that you can see it for yourselves if I can find a way to upload it.

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