First meetings for (shadow) Orchard Park community council


There has been good news coming out of Orchard Park of late. Following lots of publicity, some welcome and some less so, and the report of the SCDC scrutiny committee it seems like necessary activity to move this community forwards has begun. And one such activity has been the establishment of a ‘community council’ and its first meetings.

It was agreed some time ago by South Cambs that Orchard Park should become an independant parish; although nominally a part of Impington it has little in common with it given the barrier of the A14. However the wheels of government turn slowly and it has not been possible yet to elect a council. In the meantime a shadow council has been established and it has met for the first times earlier this month. At its first meeting it set itself up and then at the second meeting it got its teeth into the meat of South Cambs local development framework.

County Councillor David Jenkins attended the second meeting and said: ‘this is steep learning curve for this fledgling council but it was splendid to see it in place and taking local responsibility for the development of its community’.

The shadow council is being mentored by Denis Payne, chair of Impington Parish Council, who was present at the meeting . Several city councillors also attended.

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