no speed control in Oakington


There are three flashing speed signs in Oakington and Westwick and none of them work. They’ve been there for about 3 years and they’ve never worked. One of them’s even been decapitated. They were installed as a part of the ‘A14 rat running fund’ and are a classic example of wasting money.

We are told that the signs use components which are now difficult to replace or repair. They are therefore being considered for replacement. 2 new signs have been ordered and the use of a new solar powered unit is being considered for the third.

County Councillor David Jenkins is amazed: ‘we spend the money on these signs, which are popular with the public, and then they don’t work and it seems the Council can’t be bothered to fix them. And then eventually it decides that the signs need to be replaced. It’s a shocking waste and the worry is that this is repeated across the county’.

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