Mixed messages from Place Survey


Cambridgeshire County Council has just released the results of its ‘Place Survey’. This is market research carried out by MRUK to determine residents’ perceptions of this council and its partner councils in Cambridgeshire. It’s part of a national program and without seeing how other councils have performed it’s difficult to say much about what the  numbers for Cambridgeshire mean.

For the full survey results click here. There are some interesting observations to be made. Some of the results accord with what would seem like common sense, some are not so obvious.

The results of the survey are given for the total county and for the individual districts. And when you look across the 4 districts and the city it is noticeable that Fenland is bottom in well over 50% of the indicators. Compared with the rest of Cambridgeshire residents of Fenland don’t appear content. The other 4 council territories seem to be more mixed with Cambridge scoring high for ‘people from different backgrounds get on well together’ and ‘for people who rate their health as very good or good’ and South Cambs scoring low (good) for ‘people who perceive drunk or rowdy behaviour to be a problem’.

Worryingly only 28% of people think that ‘older people receive the support they need to live independently and just 15% of people think that they are ‘well or very well informed about want to do  in the event of a large scale emergency’.

In terms of value for money Cambridge City and Huntingdonshire are seen to be best with the County Council being perceived as inferior across the County. For satisfaction Cambridge and Huntingdonshire are again best with the County Council again inferior.

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