Let’s get the name right: it’s Orchard Park


Someone should tell Gallaghers that it’s Orchard Park not Arbury Park. The school is Orchard Park community primary school, the council is Orchard Park Community Council, Stagecoach’s bus timtetables refer to Orchard Park and the community web-site is no longer inside Arbury park but www.insideorchardpark.com. So why doesn’t Gallaghers get the message?

The estate has had more than its fair share of publicity and it’s on the receiving end of the impact of the recession on the housing market but it is growing and it is developing a community spirit. The council meets, there is now a bus service and it’s just possible that the community centre will open shortly.

But there remain the problems associated with the estate only being half built and the County Council being reluctant to do anything about adopting the roads and getting them finished off. There are therefore no official pedestrian crossings, there are raised iron works all over and just don’t think about a dropped kerb.

County Councillor David Jenkins said: ‘I can understand that there is a process to be followed but these are exceptional times and we need to be pragmatic. We must provide an environment in which people can live. It’s just not acceptable to oblige them to live with incomplete facilities. After all I imagine that they are paying a full council tax’.

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