County Council wastes money on shuffling the deckchairs


Cambridgeshire County Council has revealed that its current top management reorganisation is costing the taxpayer over half a million pounds. In the answer to a question posed by Cllr Julian Huppert at the last council meeting it was revealed that the cost of the reorganisation will be £641,000.

Cllr Huppert said: ‘This is an incredible amount that is being spent on what is effectively shuffling the deck chairs. The Council has just raised council tax by an inflation busting 3.9%. This money would have been much better spent on mitigating this rise and making life a little easier for the residents of Cambridgeshire.’

Lib Dem group leader Cllr David Jenkins said: ‘Many people will forget that this is the second such reorganisation in recent years. That one took years to pay off; it was trumpeted as the means to make this Council excellent and it failed miserably.’

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