Cambridgeshire Lib Dems publish 2009 election manifesto


Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have published their manifesto for the forthcoming Cambridgeshire County Council elections. These will take place 4th June, the same day as the European Parliamentary Elections.

Their manifesto builds on the position which the Liberal Democrat group on the county council recently took in its Alternative Budget. A lower council tax, increased investment in transport infrastructure and more decisions delegated to local communities. It is also the result of an extensive consultation exercise where more than 30,000 residents surveys were distributed across the county asking for opinions on key policy issues.

Lib Dem growth and resources spoke Cllr Nichola Harrison said: ‘We went for a council tax increase of just 2.45% because we identified funding opportunities which the Tory administration chose to ignore. And at the same time we resolved to correct years of underfunding which have left the county’s infrastructure in a state of disrepair. Our manifesto builds on this and will deliver continued improvements without resorting to the above inflation council tax increases which the Tories have implemented’.

The manifesto goes further and covers the whole range of county council responsibilities. It addresses local democracy and open and accountable government, climate change and protection of the environment, as well as the key responsibilities of education and social care.

Lib Dem environment and climate change spoke Cllr Alex Reid said: ‘This council has taken far too long to develop serious proposals to address climate change issues. We have done so. We present solid practical ideas about what this council should do to mitigate climate change. Our manifesto is also quite specific in terms of changes which Lib Dems would make to the county’s transport infrastructure which would deliver improvements to its residents on the one hand and lower C02 emissions on the other.’

Lib Dem group leader Cllr David Jenkins added: ‘it has taken a lot of hard work to put this manifesto together but it, and our work on the Alternative Budget, demonstrates that the Lib Dems understand what is needed to run Cambridgeshire County Council. We know how to do it and we can do it. This manifesto presents an opportunity for the people of Cambridgeshire to judge. The Tories have taken this county nowhere and it’s time for a change.’

Click here for a black and white version of the manifesto

Click here for a black and white version of the 10 key policies

Click here for a colour version of the manifesto

Click here for a colour version of the 10 key policies

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