no lines good?


The Council finally did complete the surface dressing of Impington Lane and New Road in Impington. Then it was time to go back and paint the white lines but it was suggested that perhaps we didn’t need them. IN fact not only don’t we need them but not having them might be a good idea.

The idea comes from work and experience in the Netherlands where entire villages and small towns now operate not just without street markings but also with a minimum of road signs. And the net result seems to be t hat motorists drive more carefully and more slowly and that fewer accidents result. So someone suggest that we try this out in Impington. The cause was taken up by Lib Dem Highways and Access Spoke Kilian Bourke and the Council’s officers agreed to run a trial.

The result is that ‘necessary’ markings, stop signs, yellow lines and triangles on humps, have been painted but there is no centre line and we can wait and see whether or not road speeds are reduced and motorists drive with a little more care.

David is delighted with the experiment. He says ‘we¬†sometimes criticise officers for finding reasons for not doing what communities want. This is a fine example of them seeing a good idea and being willing to run with it. If it’s successful we maybe we sill see it implemented more widely.’

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