Guided Bus fares fiasco


The news this last week that users of the guided bus will not be able to use their tickets for both operators beggars belief. The details are on the County Council’s web-site (click here). Since Whippet is offering significantly lower fares but will be running fewer buses there may be queues of passengers standing at the stops watching empty Stagecoach buses go by whilst they wait for on from Whippet.

The web-site makes it clear that concessionary fares will be honored on the guided bus (but only after 0930) but says nothing about youth fares.

David says: ‘This is very disappointing. It was a condition at the very beginning that ticketing should be flexible and operate across operators. And bearing in mind that the busway is a good year late, and that’s just for the northern bit, you’d expect that the Council would have got it sorted by now. Cross operator ticketing was promised at the public enquity 5 years ago. The Tory council is simply inept.’

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