CGB lights up the sky


Despite the fact that the Guided Bus will not open for business until some time in 2010 no-one’s bothered to switch off the lights! The ones at Oakington and elsewhere now burn throughout the night 7 days a week.

This is not only a ridiculous waste of energy. It also shows local people exactly how much light pollution the CGB will bring. Not only do people who live adjacent to the stop get these amazingly bringht lights to ruin the local ambience but from a distance there is, rather surprisingly, a disticnt upwards glow.

David says: ‘I am surprised. I had not expected such bright lights and the waste of energy is silly. I don’t see why the lights should be switched on now and the Tory attitude that it doesn’t matter because BAM Nuttall is pating is frankly irresponsible.’

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