B1049 speed limit review: good in parts


The County Council has finally issued its speed limit review of the B1049. It’s good in parts, basically below the Green in Histon, but admits that it fails to account for the cycle path development northwards. Click here for a copy.

It proposes a 40mph limit on the stretch between the A14 northwards over the railway bridge to the New Road junction. This is currently national speed limit (effectively unlimited). This is partly good news but when the cycle path improvements are in place the effective width of the road will be much reduced reinforcing the arguments for a 30mph limit.

Between New Road and the Green it recommends 30mph. It’s got that one right.

North of the Green to the edge of the village it proposes leaving the limit at 40mph despite a high accident rate and without regard to the cycle path developments. That is most disappointing.

Between Histon and Cottenham it recommends implementing a 50mph speed limit in place of the current national speed limit. This is fine as long as the cycle path improvements do take place.

David said: ‘we have asked the Council to engage in joined up government. There are 3 related developments: this speed limit review, the HCV review and the cycle path improvements. They must all be considered together and then I believe there would be a strong case for 30mph all the way from the top end of Histon to the A14. That’s what we should be planning.’

Click here for a forum for views on the B1049, speed limits included.

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