Rampton parishioners present bus petition


Rampton parishioners Sylvia Beaumont and Chris Dickinson presented a petition at Decmeber’s county council meeting calling for better bus services for Rampton.

The village currently has one early morning bus to Cambridge and a later one to Ely (click here for a previous post on this subject). This is insufficient for residents to plan to use the bus as a regular part of their travel, hence the petition.

The petition called for the Citi 7 to be diverted once and hour to go to Rampton instead of doing the regular run up Lambs Lane. The journey time would be of the same length so would not interrupt the rhythm of the service. It noted that there are no shops in the village and that it was essential for people to be able to go easily to other villages. Without the bus it would be the car.

The petition was signed and supported but over two thirds of the village.

Sue has helped and encouraged the residents of the village to make their wishes known. She said: ‘I will follow this up. Stagecoach is a modern and professional bus operator. It should be within its compass to modify the Citi 7 routing to enable the wished of Rampton villages to be met.’

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