New Road crossing (nearly) ready


The council workmen have worked hard to get the new crossing on the B1049 by New Road finished by Xmas but it’s not quite ready. However it’s already apparent that this crossing is a big improvement on what was there before.

Rebuilding this crossing is a bonus from the Cambridge Cycling Demonstration Town project which will deliver a safe cycle route all the way from Cottenham to the A14.  All the current crossing will be rebuilt and there will be a new one at Orchard Road.

The previous crossing was a 2 stage one requiring pedestrians and cyclists to cross half way first and then wait on the central reservation, which was itself a strange dogleg, before continuing to cross the other side of the road.

There were 2 problems with this. Firstly use of the crossing is unfairly weighted in favour of the motorist. And secondly at peak times when the crossing is much used the central reservation is a bottleneck and can leave people dangerously exposed to the traffic.

David is delighted with the improvement. He said: ‘it is now a simple straight through crossing in one go and there is plenty of width for multiple simultaneous users. It will temper traffic speeds and offer safer crossing especially for school kids walking and cycling between Impington west of the A14 and IVC.’

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