HCV route consultation


The County Council has just completed a review of its route network from the point of view of its use by HCVs. The review differentiates between ‘strategic’ and ‘local’ routes. Click here to visit the CCC web-site and view it on line. Alternatively click here for direct access to the map. Note that the consultation runs until 5 Feb 10.

The review states that the B1049 is a local route and should not be used by HCVs moving between places not within Cottenham, Histon and Impington. That’s good news because there’s going to be a lot of HCV movements related to the building of Northstowe and the other housing developments around Cambridge. The planning agreements relating to these developments can now explicitly state that HCV movements should not use the B1049.

David comments: ‘This is good news because the review clearly states that the B1049 is not a strategic route. The map is interesting in that it shows that there are also two large areas where there are blanket weight restrictions. Given these precedents why can there not be a similar restriction along the B1049?’

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