Positive meeting at Histon FC


The Chairs of Histon and Impington Parish Councils met members of the Histon FC board this week. Four directors attended the meeting and it has been agreed that further meetings should be scheduled, probably 4 times a year.

This meeting followed an earlier one between David and Histon FC Director and Chief Executive Allen Soraff. They had agreed then that such a meeting was important to ensure that the club had good lines of communication with the parish councils.

The meeting addresssed current points of concern including trees, use of the guided bus and match day parking. Actions on all three were agreed. It also discussed the many community initiatives which the club has promoted. Allen and his fellow directors made it very clear that their objective is that the club be strongly identified with the community and contribute to it.

David said: ‘The club has been through a difficult time recently but I do see a serious commitment to rebuildling its community ethos and ensuring that it can operate sustainably. Fingers crossed that the last few games of the season go well . Come on the Stutes!

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