Rampton annual parish council meeting


It’s that time of the year again … time for the annual parish meetings. Sue and David try and go to most monthly meetings and of course the annual meetings are something extra special so we do our very best to attend those. We’ve already been to 3 this year. Cottenham was last week then Rampton at the beginning of this week and Oakington on Wednesday. Histon and Impington will be next month. Sue and David have sent in an annual report but they are still required to attend and answer questions.

Meetings at Rampton are always a bit special. It’s the smallest village in our ‘patch’ but it still manages to do just about everything that the bigger villages do.

David says: ‘Attending parish council meetings is important. It’s the one time when county (and district) councillors can be challenged by parish councillors who are, after all, the immediate representatives of local people. Woe betide us if we don’t treat parish councils with respect! And the annual meetings are open meetings so you can get a lot of challenge from other residents as well.’

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