B1049 speed limits and cycle lanes

The County Council has begun the consultation on proposed ‘new’ speed limits for the B1049 south of Cottenham to the A14. At the same time it is consulting on a stretch of the cycling provision which will eventually extend all the way from the A14 to Cottenham.

The proposed speed limits are:

Cottenham to Histon 50mph

Histon Green to New Road 30mph. In fact the stretch starts 130 metres north of the Green and finishes 150 metres south of New Road

New Road to the A14 40 mph. In fact this stretch starts 150 metres south of New Road.

No change is presently proposed for Histon Green to the northern boundary of the village which will remain at 40mph. However we have been promised that this will be reconsidered when planned cycling provision is implemented along this stretch.

The cycling provision covered in the current consultation runs from the Dole south to the Holiday Inn.

David says: ‘There is largely good news but I am still concerned that the Council is not taking all factors into consideration when it says it will leave the speed limit north of the Green at 40 mph. I accept that it will look at it again when the cycling provision is in place and it must be held to this commitment. And if it needs further ‘hard’ speed reduction measures to make this possible then we wil have to find a way of funding them’.

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