Oakington primary school: small but quite perfect


The smallest primary school in the division is the Oakington CofE School. It has a PAN (a Published Admission Number) of just 17 and just over 100 children on its roll today. It’s went up a little¬†this year because it’s took on 21 new pupils and somewhat fewer are left to go to secondary school.

Head Teacher Sally Daggianti is relatively new, she was appointed in September of 2009 after a period with a temporary head, and has already had the pleasure of an OfStEd visit. However she need not have worried, the outcome was GOOD overall.

It’s a splendid school to visit and its Victorian facade, it’s also a rather old school, belies a well furbished and provisioned interior. It’s a bit like a Tardis with impossibly large class rooms and a generous school hall being revealed once you’ve gone through the reception area. And behind there’s a playground, a school field, an ecology area with extensive vegetation and a pond, and a swimming pool. Beyond the school field you’re into farmland and today there are sheep grazing.

David said: I’ve now been to all the primary schools in the division; they’re all different but they’re all good. I was thrilled to see Oakington’s OfStEd report and was further impressed when Sally told be that the school is Cambridgeshire primary schools football champions. That’s quite an achievement for such a small school. Well done Oakington!’

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