Lib Dems call for minimum broadband standards in new developments

Edd Stonham, Lib Dem district councillor for Histon and Impington, has called for planning authorities to ensure that new developments make use of best available technology when it comes to installing telephone and broadband connections. 

Edd, whose district also includes Orchard Park, said: ‘I am amazed that, when they were installing cable and connecting to the local BT exchange, no-one seems to worry about the resulting service level which would be provided. This is what has happened at Orchard Park. Residents on a brand new development are having to live with technology which is frankly obsolete’. 

David supports Edd’s position. David said ‘This came to my attention last week when I was told how it is almost impossible to run a business from home because of the very poor broadband service. We will do what we can to improve this but we must also make sure that it doesn’t happen for all the other new developments which are planned.’

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