Cambridge Open Studios


Cambridge Open Studios is an annual event whereby local artists throw open their studio doors to the public. It takes place in July and over 200 artists, including 7 in Cottenham, Histon and Impington, are exhibiting this year.

There’s a web-site for more information (click here). Here’s a summary of the local ones:

Daniela Stief (ceramics and pottery) and Roberta Bateman (potter) at 3 the Coppice, Impington
Kay Dodsworth (oil painter) and Pam Hinton (watercolour, oil, egg tempura) at 1 Alice Way, Histon
Sarah Vigliotti (photographer) at 13 Shirley Road, Histon
David Chow (photographer, book arts) at 33 Brenda Gautrey Way, Cottenham
Amanda MacPhail (bone china, paper) at the Wooden House, Twenty Pence Road, Cottenham.

David visited Sarah Vigliotti’s studio this morning. Click here to visit Sarah’s web-site. He said: ‘Sarah works with film , often black and white, and does not rely on post processing. She uses a medium format camera which gives her much greater detail. It’s well worth visiting her studio and, in fact all of the others as well’.

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