Orchard Park funday etc: 30 Jul 10


It was a damp start but the sun came out soon after eleven and the official opening of the Orchard Park community facilities could go ahead as planned this morning. The Community Council arranged a family fun day and this will continue through the week.

The opening was orchestrated by community council chair Yemi Macualy who welcomed Sheila Stuart, Mayor of Cambridge, and Charlie Nightingale, chair of South Cambs. He told us that he had been one of the first residents and how delighted he has been to see the development of the community. Sheila Stuart also spoke and reminded us of how development had been interrupted by the recession and suggested that this misfortune perhaps encouraged the development of a stronger community spirit.

Entertainment at the Fun Day included a flying display by the raptor foundation, a martial arts demonstration and the attendance of Histon FC. There was also a climbing wall, mini go-karting, the inevitable bouncy castle and other fairground rides.

The only bad news was the illegal presence nearby (not on the fun day site itself as reported by the CEN) of a number of travellers’ caravans. Sue visited them on Friday. She said: ‘I was told and went down on my way home from work. I know this could become an issue but I’d really prefer to focus on the festival itself’.

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