Please don’t park on the footpath; 22 Aug 10


Too many motorists park on the footpath because they don’t want to inconvenience other road users. They seem to forget the inconvenience which they are causing to other users of the footpath.

Many footpath users are of course able bodied people who have little difficulty navigated what’s left of their walking space. However a significant number are older people, parents with push chairs and riders on motorised scooters. Such people have little option when they find their ways blocked by footpath parkers. They might use the road, which is dangerous, otherwise they’re stuck. They either go back home, or if they are returning, the option is simply to wait.

By contrast what is the ‘inconvenience’ suffered by other road users? A short delay to wait for the road to be clear of oncoming traffic so that the parked vehicle can be overtaken. It’s not really a big deal is it? And this has the added advantage of slowing traffic down.

There are another groups ‘inconvenienced’ by the thoughtless parking in the photograph. Note that the car is parked alongside a ‘speed cushion’. Such cushions as so designed to allow ambulances and other public service vehicles to drive astride them and so give their passengers a less bumpy ride. This is not now possible. They also allow cyclists to ride along the flat and if they are now forced into the middle of the road if they are to avoid the speed cushion.

So: please motorists don’t park on the footpath. And, for that matter, don’t park on grass verges either. They are a part of the greenery of our villages and we’d rather not see them damaged.

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