Halting progress on the B1049


Progress with the cycle path improvements and speed limit changes on the B1049 through Histon and Impington is proceeding, but in fits and starts. The stretch from Cambridge Road to New Road is largely completed but that’s only a quarter of what is planned.

However what we are seeing is what was promised and that’s positive. From the the really minor but useful changes like the dropped kerb opposite Cambridge Road to the bigger ones like the rebuilding of the crossing at New Road we are seeing a complete change of balance. What used to be a road for cars with cyclists and pedestrians getting second priority is now more balanced with generous provision for cyclists and crossings allowing pedestrians to cross the road in one go and not requiring them to wait half way across.

At the same time we are now seeing reduced speed limits: from the A14 to New Road is now 40mph and from New Road northwards to the green is 30mph.¬† Widening the cycle lanes contributes to an environment in which these lower speed limits now ‘feel’ right. This should make the road safer and might reduce traffic noise.

The next stages are New Road to the Green, then the Green to the edge of Histon and finally the road between Histon and Cottenham. All stages are funded and should proceed but we are currently somewhat behind the schedule earlier announced.

David says: ‘this is a good development and evidence of some joined up thinking in the council. However credit must go to the people who organised the petition to reduce the B1049 speed limits which when to the AJC some time ago and to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign which consistently campaigns for improved and safer facilities for cyclists’.

‘Our next challenge is the A14 crossing. An idea has been developed and money is available. We need to get this done before we have an accident.’

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