Rampton annual parish council meeting


It’s that time of the year again … time for the annual parish meetings. Sue and David try and go to most monthly meetings and of course the annual meetings are something extra special so we do our very best to attend those. We’ve already been to 3 this year. Cottenham was last week then Rampton at the beginning of this week and Oakington on Wednesday. Histon and Impington will be next month. Sue and David have sent in an annual report but they are still required to attend and answer questions. Read the rest of this entry.

Small victory for common sense

It was a small victory for common sense this month; and a big benefit for local people.

Residents of High Street, Cottenham are often disturbed by night-time HCV movements. That’s no fun on parts of the street where the road runs literally feet from residents’ front doors. But a little light detective work revealed that the HCVs (lorries to you and me) are coming from Spalding in Lincolnshire to deliver fresh produce to Premier Foods in Histon. Read the rest of this entry.

HCV route consultation


The County Council has just completed a review of its route network from the point of view of its use by HCVs. The review differentiates between ‘strategic’ and ‘local’ routes. Click here to visit the CCC web-site and view it on line. Alternatively click here for direct access to the map. Note that the consultation runs until 5 Feb 10. Read the rest of this entry.