It’s not a very elegant tree


But it is a tree and probably rather old. And in a bizarre reversal of roles the builders of the guided bus found themselves on the side of the defenders of the environment last week. It was a week in which is seems that trees were being demolished all over Cambridge, including several by the guided bus people themselves in Trumpington, but this one tree seems to have survived. Read the rest of this entry. Read the rest of this entry.

Let’s get the name right: it’s Orchard Park


Someone should tell Gallaghers that it’s Orchard Park not Arbury Park. The school is Orchard Park community primary school, the council is Orchard Park Community Council, Stagecoach’s bus timtetables refer to Orchard Park and the community web-site is no longer inside Arbury park but So why doesn’t Gallaghers get the message? Read the rest of this entry. Read the rest of this entry.

Dropped kerbs are more of a problem


The County has a well defined set of rules relating to dropped kerbs so that they do not make life more difficult for those with mobility problems, wheelchair and motorised scooter users and people with push chairs. The trouble is that they’re more often than not observed in the breach and this has been compounded by inadequate enforcement in recent years. Read the rest of this entry.