PDGs: secret or not?

The first County Council meeting of this new council took place last Tuesday. As usual it was full of procedural stuff and coincidentally offered little opportunity for councillors to provide an input. Coincidentally because there were no Cabinet meetings between this meeting and the previous council meeting and there is no provision in the Constitution for motions or written or oral questions. That’s unfortunate because the meeting did take up the valuable time of Officers (senior and otherwise) and Members. Read the rest of this entry.

Vince Cable to visit Ely


Vince Cable (MP for Twickenham, Lib Dem Treasury spokesman and deputy leader) will be attending a reception at St Eltheldreda’s Church, Ely,Thursday 28 May 09 from 7:00pm, to talk about his new book The Storm: The World Economic Crisis and What It Means. Tickets for this event are available from Toppings Bookshop (01353 645005) or on line at http://www.toppingbooks.co.uk/. Read the rest of this entry.

Mixed messages from Place Survey


Cambridgeshire County Council has just released the results of its ‘Place Survey’. This is market research carried out by MRUK to determine residents’ perceptions of this council and its partner councils in Cambridgeshire. It’s part of a national program and without seeing how other councils have performed it’s difficult to say much about what the  numbers for Cambridgeshire mean. Read the rest of this entry.

Haviland Way: support for children and families


Haviland Way is one of many locations in Cambridgeshire where the County Council provides services for young people. It supports their families by enabling young people with physical and learning disabilities to take short breaks in appropriate residential accommodation with excellent support. It gives the families some respite and provides a stimulating alternative environment for the young people. Read the rest of this entry.