Histon misses the lollipop man


The lollipop man who helps kids cross the high street in Histon on their way to school is off sick, even lollipop men occasionally get sick, and he’s sorely missed. For no more than 20 minutes in the morning when children need to cross this road on the way to school and at the same time commuter traffic is heavy and queued back from the B1049 cross roads there is chaos to which he brings order. Get well soon! (more…)

Cambridgeshire Guided Bus: more questions than answers


The County Council has and continues to run a series of ‘open days’ at the guided bus site. I joined one last week. It was a good morning, there were a dozen or so of us in attendance and we got a fairly good briefing about the busway and its construction. However as an opportunity to really understand what this development might do for the county it failed. (more…)

More footpath woe for local residents


Many residents of the Windmill Lane use Histon footpaths as a part of their daily activity. They may head north to shop at the excellent local butchers or to take advantage of the seniors’ lunches at the King William. Alternatively they go south to the centre of the village: to the library, the post office and the other local shops. It’s not always so easy. (more…)

Promises not yet kept


The Area Joint Committee is a joint committee of the County Council, South Cambs and parish councils and is the body that decides whether or not transport schemes are supported. It meets about 4 times a year and at its last meeting (7 Jul 08) the list of ‘minor traffic management measures (no budget currently identified)’ was tabled. Many schemes on this list have been scheduled for action but then have been put back as the County Council has withdrawn funding during the year. (more…)