2 Lib Dem County Councillors for CH&I …


… and for the Meadows, Oakington, Orchard Park, Rampton and Westwick.

It was a humbling result in Cottenham, Histon and Impington this week. After a long and exhausting campaign the Lib Dems won both county council seats. David Jenkins retained his coming top of the poll and Sue Gymer was elected just ahead of the two Tory candidates.  The margin between 2nd and 3rd was slim enough to justify a recount. Read the rest of this entry.

No news about the Guided Bus


There was a bizarre Council meeting at Shire Hall yesterday. As is normal the Council debated recent Cabinet meetings including the one of 21 Apr 09 which included the item ‘Guided Busway: contract update’. Problem was Cabinet got its update in private with press and public excluded from the meeting. And the report of the meeting simply says ‘Cabinet has now received and noted the latest confidential update on the current contractual position’. Read the rest of this entry.

County councillors ride the guided bus


Cambridgeshire county councillors got to ride the guided bus today as special journeys were laid on during the testing of the new buses to run them from Cambridge Regional College to Park Lane in Histon and back again.  We rode on a double decker which was pretty much like any other new double decker with the added comfort of leather seats and the promised availability of WiFi. Read the rest of this entry.

County Council says it’s sorry


Residents of Oakington initiated Cambridgeshire’s very first Community Call for Action regarding the County’s failure to follow though with the agreed closure of Longstanton Road in Oakington. The County’s Environmental and Community Services scrutiny committee addressed this at its meeting early this month and the minutes of the meeting  have just been published. The committee and the appropriate cabinet member both apologised for the County’s failure. (more…)

Our footways are cracking up


On three of our footways (that’s a footpath next to a road) major cracks have appeared. On Cambridge Road next to the Gatehouse Lane junction in Oakington (left picture above), on Histon Road as you walk or cycle south out of Cottenham (centre one) and on Cambridge Road next to the B1049 in Impington the tarmac surface has ruptured. Neither footway is dangerous yet but they certainly look like they’re going to get worse. (more…)

Cambridgeshire Guided Bus: more questions than answers


The County Council has and continues to run a series of ‘open days’ at the guided bus site. I joined one last week. It was a good morning, there were a dozen or so of us in attendance and we got a fairly good briefing about the busway and its construction. However as an opportunity to really understand what this development might do for the county it failed. (more…)