Cambridge transport debated at Westminster Hall

Cambridge City MP spoke at the recent adjournment debate. He began:

‘I am delighted to have secured this crucial debate, especially as it is the last Westminster Hall debate before the long recess. I apologise, Mr Sheridan, for detaining you and the Minister from the break. Transport affects all my constituents daily, in one way or another, and it is a major concern that is raised constantly by residents and employers. Having spent almost my whole life in Cambridge, and having chaired the Cambridge traffic management committee for many years, I know the problems all too well. However, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to make transport in Cambridge better for all-for businesses using important freight routes, for commuters who make the daily journey to work, and for tourists who come to enjoy the region’s historical and cultural attractions.’

Click hereto read Julian’s speech in full and the subsequent response from the (Lib Dem) minister.

Gilbert Road bike event


On 18 May 10 a group of Gilbert Road residents, councillors, the MP for Cambridge, members of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and other road users cycled along the road to Chesterton Community College at the time when children were going to school. The aim was to see what road conditions are like for cyclists at present. David was one of the councillors. Read the rest of this entry. Read the rest of this entry.

Small victory for common sense

It was a small victory for common sense this month; and a big benefit for local people.

Residents of High Street, Cottenham are often disturbed by night-time HCV movements. That’s no fun on parts of the street where the road runs literally feet from residents’ front doors. But a little light detective work revealed that the HCVs (lorries to you and me) are coming from Spalding in Lincolnshire to deliver fresh produce to Premier Foods in Histon. Read the rest of this entry.

HCV route consultation


The County Council has just completed a review of its route network from the point of view of its use by HCVs. The review differentiates between ‘strategic’ and ‘local’ routes. Click here to visit the CCC web-site and view it on line. Alternatively click here for direct access to the map. Note that the consultation runs until 5 Feb 10. Read the rest of this entry.