County Council says it’s sorry


Residents of Oakington initiated Cambridgeshire’s very first Community Call for Action regarding the County’s failure to follow though with the agreed closure of Longstanton Road in Oakington. The County’s Environmental and Community Services scrutiny committee addressed this at its meeting early this month and the minutes of the meeting  have just been published. The committee and the appropriate cabinet member both apologised for the County’s failure. Continue reading

What a smashing school


County Councillor David Jenkins recently visited the new primary school at Arbury Park and met head Jenny Russon. The school has been open for a year now and currently has a capacity of 120 pupils. This will rise to 210 when it becomes established. This school is an important part of the local community and is one of the reasons that parents with young children chose to move to the development. Read the rest of this entry. Read the rest of this entry.

Hole in the ground


After person or persons unknown reversed a vehicle into a lamp post in Histon the council to its credit put a new one in along side the old, damaged one. This was done some time ago and at the beginning of this week (29 Sep 08) its contractor came along and dug a hole to switch the power from the old lamp post to the new one. All pretty good so far. Continue reading

Our footways are cracking up


On three of our footways (that’s a footpath next to a road) major cracks have appeared. On Cambridge Road next to the Gatehouse Lane junction in Oakington (left picture above), on Histon Road as you walk or cycle south out of Cottenham (centre one) and on Cambridge Road next to the B1049 in Impington the tarmac surface has ruptured. Neither footway is dangerous yet but they certainly look like they’re going to get worse. Continue reading

Call for Arbury Park action


In an interview with BBC Look East this week Cllr David Jenkins called for specific action on two fronts relating to the Arbury Park development. Firstly he asked that the county and district councils and other agencies seriously address the learning coming from this development before embarking on the others planned in the County. And secondly he challenged the County Council, through its position as lead partner on the Crime and Disorder Reduction partnership, to ensure that the community does not suffer as a result of the slow down in building because of the credit crunch. Read the rest of this entry.

Positive progress at the co-op corner


The co-op corner is a notorious traffic black spot in Cottenham. If it’s not illegal parking it’s the co-op’s delivery vehicles blocking the road and if it’s not that it’s drivers taking the corner too fast. Recently a local resident got so fed up with the co-op vehicles that he wrote to the co-op’s management and contacted local County Councillor David Jenkins. And we have lift off! Continue reading