Impington post office facing the axe


The letters have finally gone out and to the dismay of the local community Impington post office is on the list and is under notice of closure. There is of course opportunity to appeal and this is more than likely but it will not be easy.

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Impington post office is not an isolated, under-used post office. It is busy and well used not just by the local community but also be businesses on the adjacent Vision Park in Histon. It therefore falls foul of the Post Office’s proximity rule, it’s simply too close to the other local post office, in Histon.

Local County Councillor David Jenkins has commented: ‘This purely arithmetic approach ignores realities. Impington post office services its local communities and is a part of them. Without it its business customers especially would be denied an important element of their daily business. For them it’s simply not practical to go into Histon, it will waste time and money.’

There will be a campaign to save Impington post office. Watch this space.

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