County Council says it’s sorry


Residents of Oakington initiated Cambridgeshire’s very first Community Call for Action regarding the County’s failure to follow though with the agreed closure of Longstanton Road in Oakington. The County’s Environmental and Community Services scrutiny committee addressed this at its meeting early this month and the minutes of the meeting  have just been published. The committee and the appropriate cabinet member both apologised for the County’s failure.

Local county Councillor David Jenkins, who supported the Call for Action said that he was pleased by the result and pointed out that there are several similar projects which have been supported but not yet delivered. However he cautioned: ‘money is tight and financing such schemes will not be easy. However if we can engineer a dialogue between the county and local councils we might be able to find a way through.’

County officers now plan to meet the local Parish Councils on site to determine how best to proceed.

Click here for more information about Longstanton Road .

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