no safe crossing around the Green


It’s bad enough having a classified road driving through the middle of your village but it’s worse when there’s no safe way to cross it. This is the case with Cottenham and the B1049 especially in the south of the village where it separates Cottenham’s 2 schools from around a half of their students.

Cottenham Village College is to the east of the Green and the primary school is west, in fact west of Lambs Lane, and the mornings when students want to walk or cycle safely to their schools is also the time that the B1049 turns into a major Cambridge commuter route. And with no controlled crossings it’s a daily challenge to cross it.

There is an uncontrolled crossing onto the green from the east but no way off to the west and that’s the only crossing south of the post office. There’s a central reservation at the top of the Green but no crossing leading to it from either direction.

County Councillor David Jenkins said: ‘Parents regularly complain about the traffic and the absence of safe means to cross the road. Isn’t it time that the County Council listened and responded?’

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