One happy Histon resident


Station Road, Histon resident John Phillips is very pleased now that it’s clear to motorists that they should not park outside his driveway. The painted white line makes it clear that this is a driveway in use and that to park across it would be to cause an obstruction.

John says: ‘it should be obvious to people that they should leave my driveway clear. There is a dropped curve and often there’s a car parked in the driveway but still you get people parking without a thought. Now it should be clear to them’.

The County Council painted the lines because John asked them to do so and was willing to pay for them to do it. Elsewhere in the street there are other white and yellow lines which are faded and often ignored by motorists.


County councillor David Jenkins, who supported John’s application for his white lines, said: ‘It’s a shame that residents have to subsidise the council’s services. These  lines need to be painted, because they help to keep the peace between residents and motorists, and once painted they need to be refreshed when necessary. Too often they are left to fade and motorists then return old habits of parking in the wrong places.’

‘But that’s only a part of the problem. More often than not the Council doesn’t even paint the lines in the first place, This was the case with Mr Phillips lines and is the case for yellow lines further down Station Road. These have been approved by the AJC but the Councty won’t paint them because it’s run out of money. So the Parish Council  offers to pay but still it doesn’t get done.’

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