Guided Bus safety fears at Orchard Park


The Cambridge Guided Bus track runs along the north side of Orchard Park. Buses will be travelling at 60mph and all that separates it from the estate is a simple 3 wire boundary fence.

Residents are worried. There is easy access to the guideway and they worry that young children may easily stray onto it and risk injury or worse. The Guided  Bus people say, quite correctly, that they were first and that it’s not for them to provide a safety fence. In which case what happened when Orchard Park (then Arbury Park) was being given planning permission?

Community councillor Dave Warren is concerned. He understands the councils’ positions but that  does change the fact that there is a risk and it doesn’t seem that anyone has assessed that risk. Will anyone take responsibility?

County Councillor David Jenkins agrees: ‘there is easy access to the busway because of the junction further east but there needs to be some mechanism which makes it clear to people, children and dog walkers alike, that they should not stray onto the it.’

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