Why don’t they tell us?


The first time residents of Impington Lane knew that it was going to be closed was when the signs went up. No-one thought to warn them in advance. And it came as a double blow to some as 14 Jun 09 is the day that the Histon and Impington gardens are open to the public and blocking a major thoroughfare on that day would be bad news.

However all is not lost and the County Council has agreed to change the date (but not the sign) and let’s face it, a fresh surface on Impington Lane, along with many other roads across the County, is good news.

County Councillor David Jenkins said: ‘Well done the Highways people for showing flexibility and responding to the wishes of the community but it is disappointing that people were not told in advance. If that had happened we wouldn’t have needed to change the date.’

‘It was interesting to see this bit of road repair featured in the Tory election material which was distributed at the weekend. Come on! Repairing roads is what councils do. It’s like books in libraries and class rooms in schools. It’s what they do. The tragedy is that the County’s roads are in a mess because the Council keeps squeezing the budget.’

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