Lamb’s Lane plans explained


When Cottenham residents heard that the link between between Pelham Way and Harlestones Road was being opened up to traffic as a part of the Lamb’s Lane resurfacing project they feared the worst. However County officers met and briefed David and Sue and members of the parish council and explained what they really planned to do.

The road will be resurfaced in 2 stages and will be closed to through traffic throughout. When the southern part is being done the link will be opened up to allow residents an easy route in and out. It will not allow a through route between the High Street and Lamb’s Lane. When the northern part is being done the link will be closed. When it is all finished the bollards will be replaced.

In addition to resurfacing the road the pavements are also to be rebuilt.

Sue complemented the officers on a practical proposal to minimise the inconvenience that the project will cause to residents. She said: ‘the initial communciation was poor and it’s not surprising that people were worried. However it’s a good plan and although there will of course be some disruption it will soon be over and we will see end of the big dipper!’

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