Ely yes Cambridge no


If you live in Rampton, and many people do, there’s not much choice if you want to go ‘into town’ but don’t wish to use a car or cycle. The Citi 7 service starts at Rampton at 0720 Monday to Friday but there’s no buses returning to the village. And there’s a twice daily service to Ely Monday to Saturday run by Dews Coaches of Huntingdon.

Dews actually runs 5 buses each way between Cottenham and Ely on their 106 service but only 2 go as far as Rampton. It is possible to travel on the morning one and then come back in the afternoon. But if you travel after lunch you’re stuck unless you want to walk home from Cottenham.

Although Stagecoach’s Citi 7service currently runs 6 buses an hour from Cambridge to Cottenham the operator claims that it would be too difficult to run some of these services to Rampton instead of continuing up Lamb’s Lane.

David says: ‘This is not good enough. We need to find ways to connect our villages. Many people don’t have access to a car during the day or simply prefer not to use one. They are being cut off because we can’t find a way to run a bus system instead of simply concentrating on routes.’

‘Sue and I are continuing to explore ways of enabling Rampton residents to gain easier access to Cambridge.’

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