Small victory for common sense

It was a small victory for common sense this month; and a big benefit for local people.

Residents of High Street, Cottenham are often disturbed by night-time HCV movements. That’s no fun on parts of the street where the road runs literally feet from residents’ front doors. But a little light detective work revealed that the HCVs (lorries to you and me) are coming from Spalding in Lincolnshire to deliver fresh produce to Premier Foods in Histon.

The hauliers explained that do go the long way round and come into Histon from the A14 would use more diesel and cost them noey. Their margins are small enough as it is.

Sue talked to Premier Foods which listened and agreed to a trial whereby it would accept the higher freight charges. The trial began last Monday and it is having an impact. Cottenham parish councillor David Warham who lives on the High Street said that the change is dramatic.

Sue says: ‘Premier Foods has a reputation as a good local employer which is sensitive to its impact on local communities. This time it has responded positively to a reasonable request, albeit one which may end-up costing it some money.’

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