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e-Cops are ‘weekly beat updates’ by email to anyone who’s signed up. David is and he’s just got the latest email which summarises recent criminal activity in the ‘Histon beat’. The Histon beat includes the two county divisions of Cottenham, Histon and Impington and Waterbeach. The same territory covered by the regular neighbourhood panels. Click here if you want to sign up.

The crimes reported by e-Cops are rarely major but they are a part of a background of low level crime which is painful if you’re on the receiving end and generally disturning when you know it’s going on. By alerting people to what is happening they can take precautions and perhaps provide useful information which might result in an arrest.

This is what’s in this week’s e-Cops:


Crimes reported this week:

1) A quantity of copper has been stolen from the EDF Grid Station on Villa Road, Impington – this may have happened anytime over the last 2 months.

2) A male was assaulted and his iPhone was stolen whilst he was on Bridge Road, Impington between 2am and 2.11am on 6th June

3) A car parked on Pages Close, Histon had its number plates stolen and it was extensively ‘keyed’ between 9pm 5th June and 4pm 6th June.

4) As the result of an incident between two vehicles outside the Co-op in Histon between 4.30pm and 4.33pm on 6th June one driver kicked another car and caused damage to a body panel.

5) A locked pedal cycle was stolen from West Road, Histon between 10.30pm 5th June and 11am 6th June.

6) A quantity of copper piping was stolen from the building site at Impington Village College between 7.50pm 7th June and 7.30am 8th June.

7) Offender(s) tried to steal a car whilst it was parked on Circus Drive, Orchard Park between 10pm 6th June and 9am 7th June.

8) An unlocked pedal cycle was stolen from The Green , Histon between 6.50pm and 7pm on 8th June.

9) An unlocked pedal cycle was stolen from the front of Tesco Express, High Street, Histon between 11.20am and 11.23am on 9th June.

10) A parked car was broken into on Circus Drive, Orchard Park and 4 CDs taken between 9.45pm 9th June and 6.45am on 10th June.

11) A locked cycle was stolen from outside St.Andrew’s Church Hall, School Hill, Histon between 7pm and 7.15pm on 10th June.

There seems to be a recurring trend at the moment of thefts from motor vehicles and theft of pedal cycles. Please don’t leave any of your valuables in a parked car and do make sure that your pedal cycle is locked up when you leave it. At least then you have made it a less appealing target.If you have any information about any of the above crimes please ring the police on 0345 456 456 4.Kind regards,Your local neighbourhood policing team.


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