NIAB site development approved

The Joint Development Control Committee (of CCC, the City and South Cambs) met on Wednesday to ‘determine’ the planning application for the NIAB development. After a long day it was approved.

This site, between Histon Road and Huntingdon Road south of the A14, will be a mixed use development comprising ‘up to 1593 dwellings’, a primary school, community facilities and retail units. There will also be associated infrastructure including vehicular (from Histon Road), pedestrian and cycle access, open spaces and drainage. Click here for the full report.

The development is in Impington despite it being south of the A14.

David welcomed the approval: ‘This is an ambitious development and I’m pleased that it will include 40% ‘affordable housing’. However I hope that we will also really learn from recent experience and ensure that early residents get good access to local facilities and don’t have to wait as long as they have had to in, for example, Orchard Park. I know it’s not easy but we must somehow enable retail units to be occupied early and not at a too late stage as has happened elsewhere.’¬†

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