Don’t waste more money on the Guided Bus
Plans for the new railway station at Chesterton are moving ahead and they include the connection between it and the Guided Bus. As this heads down from the north towards Milton Road a route will be built to enable it to continue straight on and there’s already plenty of space available to do it (see the photo). Current plans are for this to be a guideway although of course guided buses are quite happy to behave as ordinary buses when it’s needed. This would seem to be an unnecessary waste of money and limiting in that it would mean that other ... More
Bishops development ‘should be rejected’
Histon’s local district and county councillors attended the recent meeting of South Cambs’ planning committee to support local people and the Parish Council and oppose the Mitre proposals for the former Bishops site next to Histon Station. The arguments against the proposals centre around three points: Design: the scale of this development and the contemporary design is totally out of character for a village setting. Affordable housing: only 8 out of 29 units are affordable – a meagre 27%.  Bellway, just a few yards up Villa Road, managed 29 out of 72 – over40%. No local support from local residents, parish or district councillors ... More
Common sense rules in Cottenham
There have been lots of bad stories about the street lighting project and many of them are well deserved. It’s a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) project and because the government (the last one) changed the rules after the contract had been awarded it’s proved to be a difficult project to administer with too many operational constraints and unrealistic targets. The project has come to Cottenham and is working its way through the village and along the High Street and last month it was the turn of the stretch outside Shaun’s, the village newsagent. It followed the same process as the one ... More
County Council meeting, 25 Mar 14
It was another significant meeting for the County Council this month on the road to the new structure which will be implemented in May. We had a full meeting, a visit from Cambridge’s MP, a unanimous vote, a debate about money (allowances) and six motions. We started at 1030 and finished at 1750. That’s the latest I’ve known. There was a low key start with prayers from a Methodist minister. It was short and to the point with a nice last message: ‘may they work together for the common good’.  Then there was a petition about the state of pavements in Cambridge ... More
Histon and Impington District Councillor’s report February 2014
Click on the icon below for the Histon and Impington District Councillor’s monthly report for February 2014. ... More
County Councillor’s February 2014 monthly report
My county councillor’s monthly report for February 2014 is now available on-line. Click on the icon below. ... More
County Council meeting, 18 Feb 14
This month’s meeting was all about the budget and, with the three opposition groups plus, strangely, the Tories themselves, proposing amendments, it promised to be a long day. Before we got into the budget proper two relevant petitions were presented. the first from Dial-a-Ride Cambridge (there are similar services elsewhere) reminding the Council  that it often steps in when scheduled services have been cut and that if grants to it and similar organisations are cut then there will be no safety net for those who rely on public transport to be able to access shops and other facilities. the second was from the ... More
A14 timeline: is there no stopping it?
Highways Agency diagram There are few who’d say that the A14 doesn’t need improving, it’s one of the most congested roads in the country and hardly a day goes past without an accident on the Girton to Huntingdon stretch, the big questions are how and what else needs to be done. The Highways Agency has been ‘consulting’ and has just reported on the results of this consultation. Click here to go to the Highways Agency’s web-site and the pages about the A14. Unfortunately when it was running the consultation tolling of the new A14 along the Huntingdon southern bypass was a given and ... More
Good news for the Freedom Bus!
(this post as previously been posted on  After continuous and vigorous lobbying by passengers, county and parish councillors the Thursday 110 bus service to Ely has been saved! Not only has it been saved but it will now run on Saturdays as well. This is good news because it provides the opportunity for people to go to Ely, do some shopping and have lunch. It’s a well patronised service and for those who use it it’s a bit of a ‘club’. In addition to the extra service day it will also run via Rampton. Both of these changes are to compensate in ... More
Northstowe phase 1: could have been better
As we ‘celebrate’ the conclusion of the approvals part, the completion of the section 106 agreement,  of phase 1 of the Northstowe development we can now look ahead to phase 2 and the guiding principle must be ‘do better this time’. The press last week carried articles about Wednesday’s Joint development Control Committee (JDCC) meeting and implied that it had taken some momentous decision. Nothing of the sort. It simply ‘noted’ a section 106 agreement which South Cambs and County officers had reached with Gallaghers (the developers) following the last JDCC meeting in Mar 13. There have been no JDCC meetings ... More