Guided bus: is this the beginning of the end?
The County Council has done a deal with BAM Nuttall to bring the long running dispute with them to an end. It will cost the Council £33 million or thereabouts but that’s a lot less than it might have done if the dispute had run its legal course and the Council lost. The debate will continue for some time with various sides spinning this outcome to their respective advantages and the Tories on the County Council will of course argue that the deal somehow means that the guided bus was a good idea, that its management of the project has been faultless ... More
County Councillor’s August 2013 monthly report
My county councillor’s monthly report for August 2013 is now available on-line. Click on the icon below.   ... More
Double yellow lines: has Mr Pickles got a point?
As the Communities Secretary certainly comes up with lots of ideas which seem to suggest that he’s a little detached from the communities for which he’s responsible. His latest: allow people to park for 15 minutes on double yellow lines. We’ve all got opinions about double yellow lines and we all know where we need them and where we don’t but the idea of them somehow becoming effective only after 15 minutes boggles the mind. There’s the obvious practical issue of course of the police needing to keep tabs on motorists who might take advantage of this freedom: when did they pull ... More
Our PCSOs are good; let’s make sure we keep them!
Cambridgeshire Constabulary is currently doing a review on the future role of PCSOs. Go to and click on the box on the right hand side under the news to participate. Our PCSOs do a very good job. They are the visible face of community policing and engage well with the public through their on street surgeries. As a part of the police presence in Cambridge they make a positive contribution and we need to secure their future. However: PCSOs are not an alternative to regular PCs. They complement them and the Constabulary needs to recognise this and manage its budget accordingly. David says: ‘We ... More
Gritting routes: have your say!
It’s not exactly the best time of the year to think about gritting but county officers really do need to  start to plan for winter operations now. Click here to see a map with the gritting priorities from last year. Note that blue and red routes are gritted whenever freezing weather is forecast. Green routes are gritted only when freezing weather is forecast for five consecutive days. The network for Cottenham, Histon and Impington seems OK except for Beach Road out of Cottenham towards Landbeach which is only a green. It is a school bus route and it’s a relief valve whenever ... More
County Councillor’s July 2013 monthly report
My county councillor’s monthly report for July 2013 is now available on-line. Click on the icon below. ... More
Community speedwatch
Speeding is a problem. It’s not driving fast which is the problem it’s driving at the wrong speed and there are still too many people who drive too fast within our communities. And when they drive too fast they increase the risk of accidents and make life more dangerous for themselves and for other road users including pedestrians and cyclists. Community Speedwatch is a voluntary community based initiative supported by the police as one of the tools to reduce speeding. Volunteers use a radar speed monitor and, in a 30mph zone, can identify motorists which are driving faster than 33mph. Those ... More
County Council meeting: 16 Jul 13
CCC Lib Dem group It was going to be a long hot day and councillors were greeted on their arrival by the massed ranks of the unions (actually there were about 6 or 7) protesting about motion (b), there’s more about that below. This was the first real council meeting of the new council in which there is no overall control and the ‘governing’ party (the Tories) must rely on the support of others to be effective. Question is: have they woken up and smelt the coffee or will it be the Tories of old? After the Chair’s announcements. including one that we ... More
overnight A14 road repairs
The highways Agency has just announced, through its contractor WSPCarillon, road repairs to the A14 between Girton and Spittals. The work will be done overnight but the road will be closed in one direction (eastbound 24 Jul to 5 Aug, westbound 2 Aug to 17 Aug) at the time. Click on the icon below for more details ... More
Good news for Youngman’s Avenue
There’s quite a competition for the street with the most potholes but Youngman’s Avenue in Histon musty have been one of the leading contenders. In fact the condition of the road got so bad that residents signed a petition and then within days the repair crew turned up to begin the repairs. And it’s taken 3 days and last week, day 3, it was pretty hot work. It was a coincidence; Youngman’s Avenue has been on the schedule for repair but it’s nonetheless satisfying when it gets done and you can point to local action as a final contributor! There’s also been progress ... More