Our footways are cracking up


On three of our footways (that’s a footpath next to a road) major cracks have appeared. On Cambridge Road next to the Gatehouse Lane junction in Oakington (left picture above), on Histon Road as you walk or cycle south out of Cottenham (centre one) and on Cambridge Road next to the B1049 in Impington the tarmac surface has ruptured. Neither footway is dangerous yet but they certainly look like they’re going to get worse. (more…)

Positive progress at the co-op corner


The co-op corner is a notorious traffic black spot in Cottenham. If it’s not illegal parking it’s the co-op’s delivery vehicles blocking the road and if it’s not that it’s drivers taking the corner too fast. Recently a local resident got so fed up with the co-op vehicles that he wrote to the co-op’s management and contacted local County Councillor David Jenkins. And we have lift off! (more…)

Promises not yet kept


The Area Joint Committee is a joint committee of the County Council, South Cambs and parish councils and is the body that decides whether or not transport schemes are supported. It meets about 4 times a year and at its last meeting (7 Jul 08) the list of ‘minor traffic management measures (no budget currently identified)’ was tabled. Many schemes on this list have been scheduled for action but then have been put back as the County Council has withdrawn funding during the year. (more…)